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Chrysler 300C SRT8

Chrysler 300C SRT8

Not for the feint hearted this 6.1 V8 HEMI is quick and loud.

Sold along with the matching N300SRT number plate, its Mercedes 5G-Tronic gearbox with modifications to allow optional steering wheel shifting, shift point adjustment and per gear configurable, firmness boost mean you can set the car to drive just how you like it. One option is to set the boost to follow the throttle position which gives a nice smooth ride when driven day to day but when pushed will get to 60 in not much more than 4 seconds chirping the tyres through changes.

Combined with the selectable 2 or 4 wheel line locks and custom stainless steel exhaust system it can be quite a head turner.

This car is the 2007 model which combines the excellent road handling of the Mercedes suspension and floor pan with the brute force of the Chrysler Hemi V8, something which didn't continue on the later models as Chrysler was purchased by Fiat.

Its fully loaded black leather interior is in excellent condition despite the 110k on the clock and it also has new discs and pads behind the recently refurbished 20" alloys, meaning it stops as well as it goes.

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